What I Believe

While researching and organizing old notes for the current book I am working on, I came across a page simply titled “What I Believe”. It stopped me in my tracks and got me to wondering how many people have actually taken the time to ask themselves such a simple and sometimes profound question. Though I couldn’t tell you the exact day it was written, I can share a little bit about how it came to be.

It was created on the heals of chaos. When my life was turned upside down due to many challenges and conflicts that my family and I were facing at the time. I wrote it when I was tired of fighting the good fight of faith and when God seemed silent.

This page was created, most assuredly after yet another “pity party” was held in my honor. I was inching toward the end of my rope and was fed up with my own negative attitude. Ever been there?

Today’s blog is short and sweet. A great reminder for me about what truly matters most:

  • I believe in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • I believe my husband loves me
  • I believe in family
  • I believe that God has a great purpose for my life and the lives of everyone
  • I believe in God’s love for me and my family
  • I believe there is always hope
  • I believe there is good in everyone
  • I believe in baby giggles and children’s laughter
  • I believe in being silly
  • I believe in lifelong friendships
  • I believe in happy endings
  • I believe in second chances
  • I believe in love
  • I believe that LOVE WINS

I guarantee you that by the time I had finished my list, the negativity lifted and I found a glimpse of the person I wanted to be. Sometimes it’s in the middle of the storm that we find the sweetest peace. My hope for you today is that you take a few quiet moments to make your own list of blessings or beliefs. Don’t forget to take time to just breathe, and be fully present in that moment. AND don’t forget to laugh:)


The Fitness Dr.

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