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Hidden Treasures

As so many of us are doing during our self-quarantining, lock-down time, we are remodeling, rearranging and getting rid of certain eyesores around the house.  Believe me when I tell you, this 40 year-old fixer upper of a California home has tons of potential to keep us busy for years after this madness has ended.

Upon the removal of a hodgepodge of ugly bushes, an ancient birdhouse was discovered, smack dab in its middle.  Ok, maybe not exactly “ancient”, but extremely old and rusted.  It looked as though it had fallen a long time ago and the previous owners just let the bushes, at least I think they were bushes, grow in all around it.  They made no attempt to pick it up or move it to a safe place.  They just left it.  Interesting.

I’m sure in its prime, the birdhouse was a safe and happy haven for some neighborhood birds as a comforting stop in their daily routine.  I wonder how often they looked for it after its fall before they gave up and changed their daily habit altogether?

Now, of course, it is less than appealing.  Seems to have out-lived its usefulness.  Maybe it was best that it was hidden from view after all.  Selah.

There is no doubt that we are living in extremely troubled times, where hatred and unbearable losses have become a daily occurrence.  We are forced to stay in and socially distance ourselves from those we love and care about.  We have found ourselves feeling lost at times, hidden from view, and even depressed.

Earlier today, a dear friend of mind mentioned her deepened sadness and over all feeling of being “drained from life”.  I believe that so many can relate to that feeling.  We daily wonder if things could ever get better?  We may feel helpless or hopeless at times.  We may even decide to stay hidden, which is a luxuriously comfortable and tempting idea to those of us with introverted tendencies.  We can just stay in our safe, comfy home-based cocoon and focus on ourselves while the weeds or bushes of the world just continually grow up all around us until they completely take us over.  As they hedge us in on all sides, we may become even more afraid to venture out, have an opinion, or live our lives as God intended.  We can stay well-hidden for years, just like the ancient birdhouse in my yard.  Or maybe we can sleep for twenty years like Rip van Winkle, as the world moves on without us.

“Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl.  Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.”  Mathew 5:15 (NIV)

Jesus said that YOU are to be the light in the world!  YOU are the salt of the earth!  You are unique and well-equipped for exactly the time you are currently living in.  You were not meant to live a less-than life,  always silent and hidden from view, much like my poor wretched little birdhouse.  You have a heart, you have a voice, you have a passion and a God-given destiny.  It’s ok to be sad.  It’s ok to admit to a day of feeling hopelessness and despair.  We all have them.

If we have learned anything positive during these difficult times, I’d say we’ve become masters at staying connected to those we love.  We’ve become creative in our ways of encouraging each other and discovered the ease of video chatting for work as well as quality family time across the nation.

Now is not the time to grow silent and hibernate.  Someone needs your voice,  your beautiful happy face, or your ear to simply listen.


Don’t stay hidden.

Be the light in someone else’s darkness.

Your blessing is right around the corner, and you may miss it if you are hidden.

Never be afraid to let your light shine.





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