My Life on Plan B

Isiah 43:19

“See, I am doing a new thing!…”

I believe we have seasons in our lives where we feel stagnant, stuck and maybe even a little lost.  Those waiting seasons are particularly challenging and extremely uncomfortable, especially for us Type A personalities.  (You know, the competitive, highly organized, ambitious, impatient and often times seemingly neurotic  individual?)

During these unwelcomed waiting seasons, we can get stuck in the trying to understand the meaning behind the waiting game;   What is God trying to tell me?  Why is this happening to me?  Where do I go from here?  How can I fix this?  Why doesn’t God hear or answer my prayers?

Or maybe we even get into the planning or daydreaming stage of the waiting game;  When my home sells, I’ll do this.  When my actor child books her series, I’ll start writing again.  When my husband retires, we’ll start planning trips, etc.  The list goes on.

Sometimes as we wait for long periods of time for something to happen, wondering why and planning for the when, we can find it easy to become stagnant.  We think we are actually doing something because the mind is consumed with all of the questions and stress of not seeing our dreams come to pass, while we actively do nothing but wait.  It is easy to fall into depression and lethargy which may lead to added stress, sleepless nights and ultimately aches, pains and disease.    I’m speaking from example as I’ve witnessed and experienced all of the above first hand.  You truly can’t write about a topic in the hopes of helping others if you can’t relate to them.  Who wants to listen to someone who has never walked in your shoes or who has had a supposedly “picture perfect” life?  I definitely don’t.  Time is too precious to waste.

If you are reading this blog, it is my heart’s desire that it encourages you to press on, press in and to never give up on yourself, the hopes of a healthier lifestyle, or your dreams.  I’ve heard it stated many times throughout my life that no one will care how much you know until they know how much you care.  I care.  I care about your mental and physical well-being.  I am praying that perhaps my personal journey will encourage or even equip you with some tools to happily press on, especially in the toughest of times.

As the Lord stated in Isiah 43:18, 19  “Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”    I am standing on the hope of God doing a new thing in my life, and you are a part of that wonderful thing.  Just by joining me on this journey.  Remember that God is no respecter of persons or doesn’t show favoritism,  as Peter explains to us in Acts 10:34.  What he’s done for me, he can do for you and much, much more!

What does “My Life on Plan B”, waiting during uncomfortable seasons, or depression and inability to function have to do with health, happiness and holistic wellness?   I’m hoping you’ll stay tuned to find out.


The Fitness Dr